Who Can Apply?

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund welcomes applications from all innovators who meet the following eligibility criteria:


UAE based individuals/companies, or individuals/companies that are willing to be based in the UAE in the near future, with their innovation adding substantial value to the UAE


Innovators from all sectors with focus on the National Innovation Strategy priority sectors: Renewable Energy, Health, Transportation, Education, Technology, Space, Water

Post Ideation Phase

Novel techniques, products, processes or services in a post ideation phase of development

Market Potential

Innovations with an adequate level of transferability and market potential

Level of Risk

Individuals or companies which carry a reasonable level of commercial risk for the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund


Individuals or companies with a strong and sustainable business plan

Access to Funds

Applicants that are unable to access affordable funding or other alternatives

Please note that priority will be given to applicants that approach the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund with a financier.