Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Please refer to the FAQs below:

A1. Priority will be given to those with lenders. However, applicants with no existing lender are still eligible for the Innovation Fund, and will be provided with, upon approval, a Letter of Intent representing the guarantee that they can use to get access to a lenders.

A2. No: The Innovation Fund only accepts applicants that are in a Post-ideation stage.

A3. Yes: but the applicant should be willing to be based, or establish a branch, in the UAE upon receiving the letter of intent for the guarantee.

A4. Yes: however priority will be given to innovations in the (NIS) sectors of focus

A5. No: an IP is not a mandatory requirement for the Innovation Fund, however, an IP is one of the supporting documents of an application to the Innovation Fund.

A6. A collateral might be required on a case by case basis and is not mandatory for all applicants.

A7. No: in case the Innovation Fund requires a collateral from the applicant, this collateral will be shared with the lender, and the latter cannot ask the applicant for further collaterals.

A8. No: Currently, the Innovation Fund only guarantees debt funding.